Enzo Martoglio

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My aim is to make my clients more competitive and more forward looking, with a better understanding of the present and future of their business.
With over 20 years experience in the field of data, analytics, SQL / NoSQL technologies and GIS I use my expertise and enthusiasm to implement leading-edge solutions.

I love to work on projects with a strong component of advanced visualization and graphics using the latest libraries available.
While I have a lot of experience in "traditional", pay-for tools and methodologies, I'm a champion of Open Source and Open Data to come up with cost-effective solutions for making sense of (any) amount of data, big and small.

And when I'm not mining data, building a new R library or participating to a Data Dive (with datakind.org.uk), you might find me cooking a mean pasta for my three hungry teens, skippering the seas or walking our boisterous sheepdog Sasha.